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Classes in Ruby: A Hero's Story

This week, I had to put together a demo lesson. I intended to put together a lesson plan, but it came out more like a narrative. So, if you are looking for a little story-based lesson on object-oriented programming with classes in Ruby, this one is for you!

Building Mobile Automations

For a long time, I have held an intense fascination with automation, particularly with mobile devices. We carry these little supercomputers in our pockets, why not use them to solve every-day problems for us? My favorite part of using automation apps is that we don’t need to wait around for someone else to create solutions; we can do it ourselves! Even with a basic understanding of low-level programming concepts, we can create some powerful automations with little to no coding skills.

Moving the Navbar On Scroll with Vanilla JS

This week, I had a little front end problem to solve at work. The problem is this:

Become a Wizard with Google Apps Script

If you are like me, you like to use productivity apps like IFTTT and Automate*, and you are constantly looking for new ways to improve your day-to-day efficiency. It’s also likely that you use Google Apps (Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, etc) for personal or work use. Combining automation apps with Google can be a powerful thing, but wouldn’t it be cooler if you could implement your own ideas without them? I say yes.

Gin Rummy Score Tracker CLI

I can’t think of a better way to spend a long holiday weekend than writing a one-page CLI app to keep track of how badly my grandmother is beating me at Gin Rummy. Rummy is Grandma’s card game of choice, and she takes it quite seriously. Why not give it the official feel of having an objective compu-referee?